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    Dakshinavarti Shankh

    The Dakshinavarti Shankh has the right hand twists in the bottom and hence the name Dakshinavarti shankh. As per many scriptures, it is said that Goddess Lakshmi resides in Dakshinavarti Shankh, that’s why worshipping this shankh means worshipping Goddess Lakshmi herself and she will shower her blessings on the one who worships it. It endows the devotee with abundance of wealth and prosperity. Atharva Veda says it has the power to defeat your Enemy. Apart from Goddess Lakshmi, other deities that are associated with Dakshinavarti Shankh are Lord Vishnu and many gods like Varuna, Agni, Moon and Soma.

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    Moti Shankh

    Moti shankh is a very rare and important shankh. It shines like a pearl (moti) that’s why this shankh is known as moti shankh. This conch (shankh) is in beautiful circular shape.
    It circular shape of shankh contains lots of significance.

    If this shankh is placed in temple and worship daily then it removes all type of poorness, and person will be wealthy and it increases business also.

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    Panchmukhi Shankh

    This is Dark Brown Panchmukhi Shankh (Conch Shell). It has sooth loud sound. Panchmukhi shankh of this kind of natural shankha creates a positive energy field. The blowing of a Vaamavarti shankha is believed to remove the ill effects of negative energies and it purifies our surroundings and soul. This type of shankh is also referred to as Gowmukhi Shankh.

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    Vamavarti Shankh

    Vamavarti Shankh open towards the left side and is the most demanding shankh available in the Market. It is used for all holy purposes. As this sacred shankh opens from the left side, it is named as Vamavarti.

    The blowing of a Vaamavarti shankha eradicates the ill effects of negative or evil energies and it purifies our soul and surroundings.
    This naturally found sacred item produces positive energy by removing a negative energy field from the surrounding. It is also used as Tantra items. Astrologers also suggest the types of Shankha or Conch need to be placed to regulate all sorts of negative planetary effects.The primordial sound of creation, that is the ‘Pranavanadham’ or ‘Omkar’, is what discharged when a shankh is blowing.




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