3 Mukhi Rudraksha (Origin: India)

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teen Mukhi Rudraksha

Three Faced Rudraksha has three natural lines. It is the symbol of god Agni ( fire ). The Agni ( fire ) purifies every thing in the same way, the wearer of 3 Faced Rudraksha gets rid of the sins that he had done in his past life and returns to the purely true life. It is the best for those who have fallen prey to inferiority complex or fear stricken and suffer from self hatred or mental strain.


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Teen Mukhi Rudraksha

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Please allow our expert team to select a Rudraksha from our inventory of Rudraksha. The selected Rudraksha would be of relatively the same quality as shown in the sample photographs, You can alternatively can decide to browse through our collection of catalogued Rudraksha in our website with photos to select a Rudraksha of your own choice.

Who Can wear it:Any one can wear it.

Beej Mantra:Aum Kleem Namaha.

Benefits for the wearer

  • It bestows the wearer confidence and energy to face any situation.
  • It is very useful for those who suffer from depression, and guilt induced
  • This Rudraksha controls the aggressive nature of a person thereby increasing his.
  • The malefic effects of Mars (Mangal) are negated by this Rudraksha. This bead is also
    beneficial for those having “Manglik Dosha” in their horoscope & also for
    temperamental persons.
  • This Rudraksha is helpful in controlling blood pressure, regulation of menstrual cycle,
    chronic fever, Lack of energy.




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