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Aqeeq Stone means Quart and is usually known as Bended chalcedony variant of quartz. It is a semi-precious gemstone available in different colours including white, green, yellow, black, red and gray etc.. The best one considered is the liver ColouredAqeeq found in Yemen, it is very costly and difficult to find. Few known chalcedony stone types are Carnelian and Onyx. Aqeeq has high significance in Islam religion, polished and finished gem is mounted on a ring and men and women wear in the form of jewelry. Wearing Aqeeq brings several benefits with it, be it physical, emotional or financial. It guards against danger, wearers work with alert and temperate nature. It ultimately brings prosperity, happiness and long life. Careers are enhanced and one’s health is improved. Also known to protect against rivalries and jealousy, Aqeeq is good to use for overall stability in life. Absorbing the rays of the sun and passing into the body, Aqeeq Stone works miraculously for health. Agate form is known to stabilize the aura and transform negative energies into positive energies with great healing powers. Carnelian is therapeutic that should not appear dull, it should have perfect colour, free of any rocky matrix with absence of cracks. Black agate is sometimes known as black onyx. it mohs scale hardness was 6 to 7.

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Please allow our expert team of Gemologists to select a Natural Aqeek Gemstone from our inventory of Gemstones. The selected Gemstone would be of relatively the same quality as shown in the sample photographs, with weight within -0.2crt (Ratti) to + 0.5crt (Ratti) range from your selection. You can alternatively can decide to browse through our collection of catalogued Gemstones in our website with photos to select a Gemstone of your own choice.

Who Can wear it: Worn by anyone.

How to Decide the weight of the Gemstone: A person can wear plus of 10th part of the body weight.

For example: Someone having the body weight is 50 Kg then he/she can wear sava 5 or sade 5 ratti or little higher weight of the gemstone like upto 6-7 ratti.

Benefits for the wearer

  • Red Aqeeq creates joy in the heart.
  • Red Aqeeq is good for eyesight and it helps illuminate sadness and anger.
  • Red Aqeeq is also revered in other religious and has been in use from the time of Hazrat Adam
  • Red Aqeeq  absorbs the rays of the sun and passes these onto the body and is good for health.


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