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Lajward is a semiprecious gemstone which has been famous among us humans since ancient times. It is a deep blue colored opque gemstone with beautiful internal flecks of golden or brown color. It is a symbolic gemstone of wisdom and truth. It sourced majorly from Afghanistan but is also found in the USA and Russia.

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Please allow our expert team of Gemologists to select a Lajward Gemstone from our inventory of Gemstones. The selected Gemstone would be of relatively the same quality as shown in the sample photographs, with weight within -0.2crt (Ratti) to + 0.5crt (Ratti) range from your selection. You can alternatively can decide to browse through our collection of catalogued Gemstones in our website with photos to select a Gemstone of your own choice.

Who Can wear it: Saggitarious (Dhanu Rashi)

How to Decide the weight of the Gemstone: A person can wear plus of 10th part of the body weight.

For example: Someone having the body weight is 50 Kg then he/she can wear sava 5 or sade 5 ratti or little higher weight of the gemstone like upto 6-7 ratti.

Benefits for the wearer

  • This gem is considered as a symbol of freedom and truth. This gem helps to enhance your intellectual abilities and memory of the wearer. This is a very beneficial stone for the students.
  • It is the best stone to meditate with because of it awaken the third eye chakra, which helps to go deeper into your meditation.
  • It is advisable to wear it to avoid throat and vocal chords related problems.
  • If you are a journalist, executives and psychologist then you should wear this stone, it gives you lots of benefits in your work.
  • It is also believed to attract promotion and success.
  • It enhances truth and self-awareness, and hence helps the wearer in getting rid of depression and despair.
  • It heals the throat chakra thereby curing diseases like a thyroid sore throat, laryngitis, etc.
  • Lapis is an excellent stone for those who cannot control their anger and rage.
  • Lapis Lazuli is a stone for inspiration, promotes self-awareness and blocks negative energy. Perfect for clearing emotional baggag.




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